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Monday, March 20, 2006
- [3:01 AM]
Gee. Pushing life into this long dormant bloggy ...


Monday, April 12, 2004
- [11:52 PM]
Drew a few panel of WiQM. But i think i need to change the title. I saw that anime that has a title something like Then and There, Here and Everywhere in AXN so it seems i can get an idea from there.

If i do that it might lose some form of characterism (if there's such a word).


Tuesday, March 16, 2004
- [12:00 AM]
Story: Based the idea from Slut Girl, a girl who is a user encounters a man who will actually love her. In the ending, she finally falls for him ... thinking of an original twist to make this one interesting.


Sunday, March 23, 2003
- [5:52 PM]
Author's Thoughts: Having myriad ideas on how to start the story, recently, i have become more convinced in making it more autobiographical than just partly after i have deleted my personal blog.

Story Origins:
1. Quentin came from a break-up and is trying to piece together his life -- his quirkiness can be traced on this event
2. (My earliest version) Quentin just entered the company he'll be working for for several years
3. ... still thinking ...


Thursday, January 30, 2003
- [2:17 AM]

Daboy: 'I love you, thanks for coming into my life, I hope our love will never last.' - Lith, di ba mali?
Lilith: Kanino yan galing? Ke Pia (gf niya)
Daboy: Hindi, kay Quentot. Duh. Malamang ke Pia.
Lilith: Ah. Baka boba lang talaga yang girlfriend mo.
Daboy: Gaga. Seryoso nga.
Lilith: Pwede ding yan talaga gusto niya. Matalinong babae.
Daboy: Tangina mo. Si Quentot na nga lang ma-text.


Tuesday, January 28, 2003
- [11:00 PM]
tehehehe. i like this one.

Over Caramel Macchiato and Frapuccino

Ash: Quent, mukha ba kong tomboy?
Quents: Hindi ah. Mukha kang bitch.

- [10:59 PM]
although this feels weird, i took this piece from Acid Chel.

Quents: O kala ko ba di ka pwede?
Ash: Pwede na. Coffee daw tayo nila Daboy.
Quents: San ba tayo magkikita? Ano oras?
Ash: Powerbooks Megamall daw sabi ni Daboy, 8:30.
Quents: San ba yun?
Ash: A (I meant building A of course)
Quents: Anong A? San nga?
Ash: Sa Mega A nga. Bobo. :)


Monday, January 27, 2003
- [6:20 AM]
plot line: Quentin is strolling down through phone stores in a mall. A cordless phone model caught his eye and the saleslady says 'amazing transmission power of 1000 kilometers !!'. He checks it out curious and skeptic, and pulls the innocent looking antenna of the hand set. It's long, he says to himself, "about an inch or two". But upon a little more pulling reveals another couple of inches ... and some more ... and more ... until then antenna is absurdly and hideously long.


Monday, January 20, 2003
- [2:42 AM]
whoa. wrong blog

- [12:03 AM]
A quick list of the characters:

July - the quiet (albeit with a good singing voice) calm lady, she has a connection with Quentin in the past, but Q-boy forgot about it. Is it a coincidence that she's in the same company as he?

Ashley - the lively tsinita who's bent on escaping an arranged marriage her parents did for her (she's from an old-fashioned Chinese family), but what future awaits her in the gang?

Mikoy - ever since college he viewed Quentin as his 'intellectual' rival. His obsession of beating him of being the better brains pushed him to go at the same company as he. Quen is oblivious about all of this, and considers himself 'an ex-genius'.

Daboy - the big boy of the group, he's a maniac of sorts (most often of the sex type) and the one thing he has in common with Mikoy and Quentin, is playing the latest RTS and action games

Lilith - tho somewhat at odds with the rest, Lilith nevertheless hangs out with July and Ashley (Ashley manages to bring out the worst in her) despite the fact that all of them are in the IT department while she's from the accounting department. Don't be surprised that she has a case of moneyphilia (-_-*)


Sunday, January 19, 2003
- [11:44 PM]
Ok, the story here is supposed to be about a guy named Quentin, and his years of stay in an IT company. I just hope i could cook up enough story bits so manga drawing would be easier ( i'm still at the beginning stage of my drawing skills tho (-_-) )


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